The Digital Revolution with 3D Scanning

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What is 3D Scanning / 3D Digitizing?

3D scanners are powerful tools for professionals in several industries, such as automotive, aerospace, dental, and jewelry, as well as in more artistic applications such as video games, special effects, and animation movies. 3D scanning also known as 3D Digitizing is a process of analyzing a physical object from the real world to digitally collect all the data of the object from the shape to the appearance. With this process the object data will turn into a 3D digital model which is useful for a wide variety of applications such as reconstruct, reverse engineering, analyse, 3D print or simulate ideas.

3D Scanning Technologies

In order to 3D scan different type of objects, there are a lot of different technologies being used in 3D Scanners and each one has its pros and cons. In general the most common used technologies are: 3D Laser Scanning, Structured Light Scanning.

3D Laser Scanning
3D Laser Scanning is certainly the most common and used 3D scanning technique. Digitally capturing the shape of the object using laser light to get a digital representation of the real object. These 3D scanners are able to measure really fine details and capture free-form shapes to generate highly accurate date (point clouds). This laser scanning technique is perfect for measurement and inspection of complex geometries. It allows getting measurements and data from where it is impractical with traditional methods. A scanner using laser light is a little bit like a camera, it can only capture what is in its field of view. With this process, a laser dot or line is projected on an object from the device and a sensor measures the distance to the surface of this object. By processing this data, it can then be converted into a triangulated mesh, and then a CAD model.

3D Laser Scanning

Structured Light Scanning
The basic function of a structured light scanner is simple, project a structured light pattern onto an object, then film it with at least one camera to capture the ways in which the object deforms the light pattern. By triangulating multiple images of the scan then calculate the dimensions of the object in all its complexity. Most scanners use a pattern of alternating stripes, similar to the shadows cast by sunlight shining through Venetian blinds. With finely calibrated stripes and accurate cameras, it’s possible to measure the dimensions of very small details. Structured light scanning is often used as an checper alternative to 3D laser scanning.

Structured Light Scanning

Types of 3D scanners for for Industrial Sphere Sphere

Fig. 1 exemplifies the typical classification of 3D scanners available in the market for performing their tasks for fulfilling the required functions. The 3D scanning devices are usually classified based on the principle employed to enable them to work. Based on this fact, the 3D scanners are of six types, namely, laser triangulation, structured light, photogrammetry, contact-based, laser pulse type, and optical-based. All these types are associated with several types of uniqueness, merits, and limitations as well. But with the technology continue to improve some manucaturer also producing Hybrid mode 3D scanner which improves scanning materials adaptability with less limitation for a wider range of applications

Fig 1

Potential of 3D scanning for Industrial Sphere

The domain of 3D scanning serves a variety of typical engineering sectors apart from the societal spheres. Fig. 2 reflects the several potential areas of 3D scanning applications that are most dominating, specifically in science and education sectors, design and manufacturing domains, reverse engineering fields, art & design, etc. The technology has several merits as well. Namely, improved workflow process, accurate resolves, automatised system as a whole, quality services, research perspectives, etc., which enable this tool as a more specific quality service handle for the engineering sector in current time.

Fig 2

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