Reebok Launches 3D Printed Shoe Called the Liquid Floatride Run

Reebok Unveils Liquid Floatride Run Shoe Utilizing 3D Printing Technology

Reebok introduces the Liquid Floatride Run shoe, utilizing the innovative 3D drawing process first introduced two years ago. Tailored for distance running, cardio workouts, and comfort, this $180 shoe showcases Reebok’s commitment to cutting-edge athletic footwear.

For enthusiasts seeking premium running shoes, Reebok’s latest 3D printed creation warrants attention. Building on the foundation of their Liquid Factory, established in Rhode Island, this facility employs 3D printing technology for shoe production rather than traditional molds.

The pinnacle of this endeavor is the Liquid Floatride Run running shoe, seamlessly blending the revered Floatride Run sneaker with the prowess of Liquid Factory’s 3D printing techniques. The shoe melds liquid components and the proprietary “Flexweave” material to ensure optimal comfort. Reebok elaborates that the upper portion incorporates Flexweave Technology, characterized by an innovative figure-eight woven structure.

Bill McInnis, Head of Reebok Future, notes, “Last year, we unveiled the Liquid Factory concept with the Liquid Speed shoe, showcasing the transformative impact of the 3D drawing process on shoe production. With Liquid Floatride, we demonstrate the seamless application of Liquid Factory principles to enhance our existing product lineup, elevating the quality of our exceptional footwear.

Improving on the Original Floatride Run with 3D Printing

Reebok’s latest iteration of the Liquid Floatride Run shoe boasts a remarkable 20% reduction in weight compared to its predecessor, introducing a host of new features, including liquid laces. This innovative feature entails 3D printed laces integrated directly onto the shoe, eliminating the inconvenience of pausing mid-run for retying. Early morning runners benefit from the shoes’ effortless slip-on design, securely anchored at strategic pressure points.

Another standout component is the liquid grip technology, encompassing 3D printed stripes thoughtfully positioned at the shoe’s base for enhanced traction. This advancement not only optimizes grip but also contributes to the shoe’s reduced weight, thanks to the utilization of liquid material.

Retained from the previous model is the Floatride cushioning midsole, a factor contributing to the shoe’s popularity among runners.

Bill McInnis, Head of Reebok Future, emphasized the forthcoming strides in innovation: “The upcoming generation of Liquid Factory products will push the boundaries further, enabling us to craft an entire shoe using the Liquid Factory process—ranging from outsole and cushioning to upper fit systems. We eagerly anticipate introducing a range of groundbreaking products through the Liquid Factory process.”

For those considering the purchase of the Liquid Floatride Run, a pair is priced at $180. Act swiftly to secure a pair as this shoe is a limited edition release.

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