Print molds for prototyping

3D printers allowing mold designers to print production molds in one or two days as opposed to days and weeks for metal tools.

Why 3D Printing for the Mold Industry?

  • Shorten production time for mold creation

    Mold designers are able to create molds quickly from 3D CAD files with a greatly reduced initial cost.

  • Design changes are more cost effective

    In cases where design changes are required, a new iteration of a mold can be created in-house at minimal cost. This, combined with the speed of 3D printing, allows mold designers and engineers greater design freedom.

  • Accurate mold design

    Molds created in Digital ABS material can be precisely built in 30 micron layers, with accuracy as high as 0.1 mm. These production features create a smooth surface finish so post-processing is not needed in most cases.

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